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 M14P Engine Pricing 

Motorstar NA is a joint venture between Motorstar SRL of Bacau Romania and George Coy of GESOCO Industries Inc. The company was formed with the express purpose of supplying M14P series engines, parts and providing overhaul and repair services.

The will be quoted FOB the Factory in Bacau Romania. In the past GESOCO has quoted the engines FOB Swanton VT. Gesoco has also in the past arranged the onward shipment of the engines to its customers. Motorstar NA will make shipping arrangements on behalf of our customers at their request. We will quote the shipping and insurance at the time of shipment.

Please contact us for current pricing on the various models.

Model Basic description

M14P-XDK New 360 HP air start engine

M14P-XEDK New 360 HP electric start engine

M14P-XSDK New 360 HP dual start engine

M14PF-XDK New 400 HP air start engine

M14PF-XEDK New 400 HP electric start engine

M14PF-XSDK New 400 HP dual start engine

M14P-XEDK-R Overhauled 360 HP electric start engine

M14P-XSDK-R Overhauled 360 HP dual start engine

M14P-DK-R Overhauled 360 HP Standard engine


Please note the following designations for the basic engine:

The basic engine is a M14P with Russian propeller flange.

The PF indicates a 400 HP version.

The letter “X” means it has a western propeller flange (SAE #2).

The letter S indicates the engine has both air and electric start.

The letter E means it is electric start only

The letters DK means it had the Dress Kit installed with the chrome planed bits.

The R indicates that it is a factory overhauled engine with all mandatory parts replaced and tested to the new engine standards.


The new engines come with all accessories including electric starter if required, alternator & regulator, overhauled carburettor, overhauled magnetos, fuel pump, oil pump, vacuum pump drive, western tachometer drive, western fittings and propeller governor.

The re-manufactured engines will come with all accessories including electric starter if required, alternator & regulator, overhauled carburettor, overhauled magnetos, overhauled fuel pump, overhauled oil pump, vacuum pump drive, western tachometer drive and overhauled propeller governor. NOTE the re-manufactured engines are available with NEW cylinders at additional cost.

Engines may come with either M9F or M9-35M magnetos.

Engines will come with 18 MM spark plugs as standard, 14 mm spark plugs are available optionally.

All engines will come with ONE year warranty against defects in manufacturing for a period of one year or 100 hours of operation. The one year calendar period starts from the time of initial operation or 5 years from the date of manufacture or overhaul.

These engines are EXPERIMENTAL engines for instillation on experimental aircraft only. Motorstar NA and Motorstar SRL are not liable for the subsequent installation or operation of the engines or and damages that may arise out of the use or misuse of the engines.

A 20% deposit is required at the time of the order. The balance is due when the engine is ready to ship from the factory. The lead time on engines is about 60 days from receipt of order.