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Motorstar announces a fixed price of $21,500.00 for factory overhaul of M14P engines. Includes the engine overhaul, testing and the mandatory replaced parts. Any parts worn or damaged will be replaced with serviceable  parts. Engine will have the three ring SPC pistons and the Saverese ignition system. Air compressor, carburetor and oil pump will also be overhauled. Engine will be run in on test stand, Overhaul done in Romania. Engine will be returned with a one year/100 hr warranty on all parts, materials and workmanship. Turnaround time is 60 days from receipt of the engine in Bacau Romania.

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  • Gasket and seal kit with lock tabs and rocker cable kit. It includes all the gaskets and seals used on an M14P engine as well as some lock tabs and rocker cables (listing follows) $550.00 per kit.
  • New production Magneto coils P/N MA-11600 $455.00 each
  • New Production Magneto Points kits  BSM-11 Fixed point half and BSM-683 Movable point half $337.70

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 Tour the Motorstar Romania aircraft engine manufacturing facility.

Motorstar NA: Radial Aircraft Engine Sales and Service PDF Print E-mail


M14P Radial Engine




Motorstar NA is a joint venture between Motorstar Romania, the manufacturer of M14P engines and Coy Aircraft Sales. The purpose is to provide sales, service and parts support for the M14P series engines.

Please browse our website for documentation on engine installation and parts, service bulletins, and technical data.

M14P Technical Specifications PDF Print E-mail

Number of Cylinders
9 Radial
Cooling System
4.13 In.
5.19 In.
Total Displacement
621 Cu. In.
Compression Ratio
6.3 : 1
Rotation Direction 
Right Hand
Gear Reduction
.658 : 1
Starting System
Compressed Air
Ignition System
Dual M9F Magnetos
Spark Plugs 
Champion REL 37B
Firing Order
Ignition Advance

23 0 BTC

AK-14P Pressure Type
Oil System
Dry Sump
Oil Pump 
Dual Pressure/Scavenge
Fuel Pump
Rotary Gear Type
B & C 35A
Horse Power
360 + 5%
Fuel Consumption
14 GPH @ 63%
Engine Dry Weight
515 Lbs.
39 In.
36.5 In.